Jean-Pierre Dorner

Photo de Jean Pierre Dorner - Professeur d'Atelier

Jean-Pierre Dorner
Workshop teacher

Jean-Pierre Dorner, guitarist, bassist and singer, began his musical training at the age of 7 at the Conservatory of Music in Geneva where he studied classical guitar.

At the same time, he performs in many electric rock, reggae, funk, African music bands and records several albums, in our region as well as abroad.

In the most original examples he joined a reggae band in Tokyo and toured Haiti with Haitian singer T'doz.

Jean-Pierre has been teaching classical and electric guitar for over ten years. In his teaching, he offers simple themes and arrangements that allow his students to quickly achieve a result and especially to have fun playing.

In his vision, participating in a music workshop is the perfect opportunity to complete the learning of his instrument and progress in a simple and fun where it "happens something" where magic can operate!