Théo Kummer

Photo de Theo Kummer qui joue à la guitare

Théo Kummer
Guitar teacher

Professional guitarist for about ten years, Theo was formed alone with many trips in Latin America, in the Caribbean and in Europe as well as in several institutions in Geneva including EPI and ETM before leaving to London and of to get a bachelor's degree in guitar at the LCCM. He is currently enrolled as a master at the HEM of Geneva in musical pedagogy.

Always interested in teaching, he has been teaching guitar, piano and music theory for many years and opens several group music workshops.

Open to all styles, he likes to transmit his passion with animated and different courses focused on the student's desires and abilities.

He plays several instruments and tries to bring a global and innovative approach to music.

The various projects in which he participated gave him an extraordinary experience, as much thanks to the more than 500 live concerts that thanks to the numerous albums on which he recorded, arranged or composed.

He is currently collaborating, in addition to his bands, with the label Colors Records.

Label Hip-Hop Soul based in Geneva for which he records and accompanies most artists including Makala and Pink Flamingo. He has also been a musician for Sonia Grimm for which he has just finished two tours of twenty dates each in the biggest theaters in French-speaking Switzerland. He also participated in the tour of T'doz in Haiti in 2016 and in Egypt by Classik Luvanga for which he also recorded the last album, planned for 2018,

His music also appears on the film "Tapis Rouge" released in 2015.

He joins the Drums & team for the autumn of 2018.