The coach offers individual or group support for musicians in Geneva

The coach assists you in the founding and management of a band, ensemble, orchestra, the planning of a tour, its financial and human management, and the making of a specific project.,
He also follows you in the making of a recording, , the musicians recruit, the serach of a recording studio, the search of a sound technician, the calendar, the financing, the promotion etc.
He assist you in the management of stage performance and studio play.
The coach supports you through creative crisis and when you encounter difficulty in creating new work ; he helps you make new ideas emerge and make them real.
He offers her support in your career management, orientation, planning.
He watches over you throughout your life transitional periods, for instance,  between a stage performance period and a sedentary life period without tours.

You are at a crossroads in your life, you wish to have a clear vision on what you would like to do : benefit from a coaching with Claudia Urio.

Certified coach
Institut de Coaching International Geneva – Alain Cayrol