drums school in geneve

Drum lessons

The lessons are intended for all drummers :
– the beginner student, not knowing neither the instrument nor solfege
– the more advanced student, who already knows how to play and who wants to keep on learning and progressing.

– the student wanting to move forward and who is seeking excellence or who wishes to prepare himself for access major schools.
Drums&Co.ch welcomes all students, whatever their level, and guides them through their progression.

drum lesson in Geneve

Lessons are open to students starting from 6 years all, without age limit.
Seniors are welcome, even debutants.
You’ve always wished to play an instrument ! You have never dared taking the plunge ! Drums&Co.ch offers you the opportunity to do so, whatever your age, whatever your availability.
It’s never too late !
At your own pace, the teacher supports you in reaching your goals, throughout your progress. He sets each student’s goals, according to ones level and ones aspirations, free from results and deadlines.
A continuous assessment allows the student as well as the teacher to measure progress throughout the year.
Our school does not impose on the students to take part in auditions or concerts.
For those who are preparing for an audition or an exam in the school setting, the teacher offers a specific follow up.
It is also the case for those who are preparing a concert or a recording studio session.

The school’s pedagogical approach
The study of rhythm is the central element of the learning process. Emphasis is also on the study of the snare drum and hand techniques. In addition, there is the work on breaks, coordination and also playing on music tracks.
All styles can be worked on, rock, funk, jazz, latin, etc.
Phonetic rhythm solfege and the reading of drums sheet-music are learned together with the instrument. Furthermore, this phonetic system is of great help to the more advanced students. It allows the training of more evolved independence techniques.

Working method
The school offers individual or group lessons.
Throughout the lessons, the teacher favours face-to-face training and work in autonomy in order to allow better knowledge building.
The teacher and the student work together face-to-face.
The student can continue his exercises or work in autonomy in order to gain independence.This work is evaluated and new goals are set.
This in-alternating work process will allow the student to be faced with his difficulties and he will learn to resolve them, validate his achievements and progress, in order to set new goals.
With the teacher’s help, the student will progressively be able to be autonomous in his individual work at home.
This method has proved its efficiency since it allows the student to find his model in the face-to-face with the teacher and his own style in autonomous work.
As in a music band, one of the group lessons benefits is that of playing together, listening and taking into account what the other is playing.
Hence, the student can follow up on his progression while practicing with students with different levels.

The school provides four practice rooms, in order to facilitate work in autonomy but also to allow individual training within the school throughout the week.
These practice rooms are free access.

L'école de musique Drums&Co.ch propose des boxes d'entrainement en accès gratuit à ses élèves.
L'école de musique Drums&Co.ch propose des boxes d'entrainement en accès gratuit à ses élèves.

Lessons reference material

Rhythm and independence :

– New Breed (volume I et II) – Gary Chester
– Patterns series – Gary Chaffee
– Future Sounds – David Garibaldi
– The language of Drumming – Benny Greb
– Groove Freedom and Linear Drumming – Mike Johnston
– Drum Book – Franck Agulhon

Snare drum and hand techniques :

– The language of Drumming – Benny Greb
– All-American Drummer – Charley Wilcoxon
– Stick Control – George Lawrence Stone
– Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer – Jojo Mayer
– It’s Your Move – Dom Famularo

Breaks, coordination, group notes :
– Patterns series – Gary Chaffee
– Rick’ Lick’s Book – Rick Gratton
– Drum Book – Franck Agulhon

Jazz :
– Advanced Techniques For The Modern Drummer – Jim Chapin
– The Art of Bop Drumming and Beyond Bop Drumming – John Riley
– Systems – Ari Hoenig
– Patterns series – Gary Chaffee
– Drum Book – Franck Agulhon

Latin :

– Afro-Cuban Coordination for the Drumset – Maria Martinez
– Afro-Cuban Rythms for Drumstet – Frank Malabe
– The Drum Set with Afro.Caribbean Rhythms series – Chuck Silverman