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Sébastien Lunghi
Guitar, bass and piano teacher

Sébastien Lunghi has spent his life between South America, Spain and France, building a musical identity marked by a wide variety of influences.

After 10 years of classical conservatory training as a pianist, he began to teach himself guitar.

He went on to teach music at a private school in Paris for three years, where he taught guitar, bass and piano and led multi-instrumental workshops, building up a real pedagogical expertise with around a hundred students.

At the same time, he developed his career as a professional musician, accompanying artists such as Flavia Coelho and Frero Delavega, with whom he toured the world.

Always on the lookout for new perspectives, he then developed his skills in music production and became a composer of music for the screen.
image music.

In November 2023, Sébastien joined the Drums&Co.ch team as a guitar, bass and piano teacher.