Whether you are a guitarist, pianist, singer, saxophonist or a drummer,
Whether you are an amateur, professional or a student,
Whether you are playing alone, in a band or in a school,

Drums&Co.ch invites you to discover rhythm in a new light, thanks to an innovative and original method.

The school offers rhythmic solfege to all instrumentalist as well as all students registered in our school.
Lessons of three different levels are offered (beginners, middle, advanced), Saturdays, once a month, at very attractive rates (see timetable below).

Phonetic reading system

This system was invented in 1897 by lawyer and musician Aimé Paris, then picked up by Paris Conservatory composer and solfege professor Emile Schvartz.

The method was then developed by drum teacher Maurice Sonjon (Lyon) in the 90’s.

This method consists in three steps :

  1. Notes reading, thanks to onomatopea, whose mathematical precision allows faultless rhythm timing.
  2. The beat counting which allows to insert reading within pulse.
  3. Interpretation which is the musical rhythm application thanks to the previous steps.

These three steps are inseparable and complementary. They allow moving towards the mastery of rhythm and its musical interpretation. Each instrumentalist can then express him/herself with confidence and ease.

Drums & Co.ch teachers use this down to earth and original studying rhythm method. This method can adapt to all instruments and singing and we use it in our workshops (timing of the songs performed). It is meant for all music styles and for all learning levels.

Drums & Co.ch offers rhythmic music theory lessons of 60 or 90 minutes. The number of lessons is determined on the first day jointly, depending on your project.