The Drums& school offers electric bass lessons in Geneva. These courses are for students of all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) in all styles of music: funk, soul, jazz, rock, reggae, Latin, pop …
The teacher evaluates the student’s level and guides him in learning and developing his bass playing rhythmically, harmonically and melodically.
The courses are personalized according to the wishes and needs of the student.

The learning of scales (major, minor, musical and pentatonic modes) is taught in bass lessons as a harmonic and melodic basis. These scales allow students to understand and identify what they are playing and thus open up their playing possibilities, develop their creativity and allow them to improvise if they wish. A good knowledge of the notes of his instrument is necessary to feel at ease in his game.

The bass lines with rhythmic characters, often different, according to the musical styles are taught during the lessons. This allows the student to develop his sense and his rhythmic knowledge.
The rhythmic aspect being important in the game of the bass, exercises are proposed on the model of the rhythmic phonetic solfège taught in our school.

The learning of songs and the practice of the accompaniment of these pieces are also favored during the bass lessons. The teacher helps the student to decipher, learn and play pieces that the student can choose himself if he wishes. The teacher can also advise pieces to the student according to his level.
Playing on music tracks also promotes the development of student listening and helps to play “right” rhythmically as well as harmonic and melodic.

Drums & provides students free box for training.