Summer workshops

Drums& offers two weekly summer workshops, in Geneva, one in early July and the other in early August called « Batterie à tous les étages » (Drumming at all levels) and « Chanter et s’accompagner » (Singing and accompanying oneself).

These workshops are meant for Drums& students who wish to immerse themselves in the practice of their instrument, as well as for people wanting to improve their skills.

 The « Batterie à tous les étages » workshop includes the following topics :

  • Warm up and snare drum techniquesLes techniques
  • Phonetics, reading mastery and rhythms interpretation tool
  • Rhythms and independences
  • Breaks and coordination
  • Bass guitar-drums playing

The « Chanter et s’accompagner « workshop is  composed of two sequences :

  • The first one around contemporary singing, knowledge of the way the voice works, warming up, vocal techniques, ear training, interpretation and stage presence.
  • The second one around the accompanying instrument (piano, guitar…), chord changes, managing pulse, time and rhythm, harmony and songwriting.