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Ismal Rodrigu

Ismaël Rodriguez
Drums&Co.ch Director and drum teacher

Ismaël Rodriguez founded the Drums&Co.ch School in 2017 in new premises in Geneva’s Écoquartier Jonction.

As director of the school and a drum teacher, he favors an active pedagogy centered on progressive learning.
He opened the school to other instruments, such as piano, guitar, bass and singing.

Based on the observation that rhythm is the poor relation in music learning, even though it is the common foundation of all instruments, he focused the School’s teaching on rhythm.

It is thanks to this vision of music teaching and its implementation that he wishes to offer his students a more complete and concrete learning experience.

He has been teaching drums since the early 1990s. He trained in Lyon with Maurice Sonjon, then in Geneva with Alain Rieder.

He then joined Lyon’s Progressive Drum School with Philippe Jeoffroy.

In recent years, he has been honing his skills with drummer and teacher Dawoud Bounabi, working on his method, “Le Bernaire, une nouvelle approche rythmique”. He works with him on advanced concepts such as 2- and 3-voice melodic readings, thus rediscovering the concepts dear to Maurice Sonjon.

He has always been passionate about drum pedagogy, and is always on the lookout for new concepts, new ideas and new practices.

Trained in phonetic rhythmic solfeggio by Maurice Sonjon, he incorporates this method into his teaching.

Ismaël is active in the Geneva music scene. He performs with groups from a variety of backgrounds (blues, rock, French chanson). He has performed in Switzerland and abroad (France, Austria, Spain, Africa, USA).

To send an e-mail to the Director: direction@drumsandco.ch