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Ismal Rodrigu

Ismaël Rodriguez
Drums&Co.ch Director and drum teacher

Ismaël Rodriguez starts the Drums & Co.ch school in 2017 in the new Geneva Ecoquartier Jonction premises.

Head of the school and drum teacher, he wishes to favour an active pedagogy, focused on a progressive apprenticeship.

He opens the school to other instruments, such as piano, guitar, singing.

Given that rhythm is the poor relative of music learning, while it is all instruments common basis, he shifts the school’s teachings towards rhythm.

The school offers workshops open to the school’s students and outside instrumentalists so that they meet and learn to play together.

Thanks to this vision of music teaching and to its implementation, he wishes to offer a more complete, a more concrete learning of music-making.

He has been a drum teacher since the beginning of the 90’s and was trained in Lyon at Maurice Sonjon’s school, then in Geneva with Alain Rieder.

He joins the Progressive Drum School and undertakes training with Philippe Jeoffroy with whom he starts the Geneva branch of that school.

He has alway been passionnated about drumming pedagogy and keeps on the lookout for new concepts, new ideas, new ways.

Trained in phonetic rhythm solfege by Maurice Sonjon, he intends today to integrate this method in his pedagogy and create a booklet for the students, musicians and teachers.

Ismaël is active in the Geneva music environment. He performs with bands from various genres (blues, rock, French songwriting) and has been playing in Switzerland and abroad (France, Austria, Spain, Africa, USA).

Send an email to the Director : info@drumsandco.ch