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Marc Liebeskind
Guitar and bass teacher

Marc Liebeskind studied at the Geneva Conservatory of Music, at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern and also in New York with the masters of contemporary guitar, John Scofield, John Abercrombie and Bill Frisell. Also studying in Africa Mandingo music as well as in India the classical music of North India.

In addition to his private lessons and his career as a musician, Marc Liebeskind has been a teacher in many schools in Geneva such as AMR, ETM, EPI and Music Arts. In these institutions, he has taught guitar, harmony, improvisation workshops, ear training, solfeggio and rhythmic theory.

He has also taught in Africa at the School of Music of Ougadougou, and INA (National Institute of Arts of Mali) in Bamako. He has led numerous workshops during his tours in Africa, India and Brazil.
He joined the Drums & Co.ch team in January 2019.