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photo de professeur de piano chez Drums&Co.ch, Nicolas Miesegaes

Nicolas Miesgaes
Piano teacher

Son of a musician/music producer, Nicolas grew up in a musical environment. He made his first notes at the conservatory before moving towards contemporary music and composition. He will complete his training at “Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles” before obtaining a diploma from the ETM where he will teach thereafter.

At twelve, he played with “Ixias” then he would continue with “Starforce”, “the Wallies” and later with “Serge Fabry”, “Fauve”, “Stef de Genf”, Cathy Leander.

Nicolas is the author of several soundtracks for animated films “Carcasses and Crustaceans” “In the skin” (Nadasdy productions) as well as a handful of television films, in particular for the RTS.

Music education occupies a major place in his life. With the benefit of several pedagogical training and continuing education, Nicolas has a long experience in teaching the piano. For nearly twenty-five years, he served as a piano teacher and section dean at the ETM, where he notably wrote the study plans.

His lessons are adapted according to the level, the desires of each individual. The watchword is to have fun playing while having defined objectives.

Musical alphabet, music theory, rhythms & groove, technique & independence, style study, harmony & harmonization techniques, project development, repertoire and improvisation. So many subjects covered with joy and good humor with an enthusiastic, patient, smiling and experienced teacher.