Piano lessons

Drums&Co.ch provides piano lessons classical, jazz, pop, rock, latin…

The course begins with technical drills (scales, exerccises like Hanon…), the followed by the learning of chosen pieces.
It is not required to have a knowledge of solfege to be able to start since it is covered throughout the lessons, automatically when its need occurs

Phonetic rhythm solfege is the employed method, in order to facilitate the integration of ryhtms that may seem complicated.

In a progressive and active way, the student will integrate step by step the different elements of the rhythm studied. He will understand the structure of a sequence, learn how to play it, while keeping a regular pulse. He will also optimize hi right and left hand independence and acquire strength within his/her pace.

Regarding classical music, the study of reading music notes is done by playing four-hand pieces with the teacher, which makes the lesson lively and pleasant.
Among the suggested methods, the teacher uses « La méthode rose », the « Duvernoy », « Chesters » the Masson/Nafylan method for adults « Piano pour adultes ».
The lesson continues with the learning of the chosen classical pieces, according to the student’s level.

Regarding contemporary music, the study of chords is an important aspect of the learning process, since they are used in all styles.
The anglo-saxon music notation, meaning, the use of letter notes and chords (A, B, Bb…) is taught.
The teacher’s lessons are based on the precepts that she recieved directely from Berklee College. These precepts represent the international reference in terms of jazz and current music score editing and teaching methods.
The pedagogy of the teacher is directly inspired by two of her teachers,

Jorge “Lobito” Martinez, for latin music, and Marc Rossi for jazz,  funk and pop.
Thanks to these concepts, the student can learn how to to play chord changes and specific rhythmical patterns, according to the desired music styles.
The teacher prepares his student for band playing or for accompanying  him/herself while singing.
Improvisation is an integral part of these musical styles. It can be developped throughout the lessons, according to the student’s wishes.